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Sell Us Your Inventory

Let CanadaMedia.ca Buy Your Inventory!

At CanadaMedia.ca we're eager to purchase your problem, slow moving, excess, closeout and refurbished inventory. Stuck with   product you can!/t move?  Immediately send us your inventory list with quantities, pictures descriptions and we can give you the best price possible. canadamedia.ca has the cash on hand to turn your problem inventory into assets! Our fast and efficient warehouse crew will have you unloaded in no time. Anything and everything we purchase is bought on a one-way basis, as-is, hassle-free, with no returns. We will make you an offer for everything you have, because we want to make sure you!/re no longer burdened with problem or slow moving stock. Send us your inventory listing with quantities and samples so we can give you the best price possible.


Small and Large Quantities are No Problem

CanadaMedia.ca will purchase any quantity of inventory you have on hand, and we have the logistical capabilities to turn your liabilities into assets!  The entire purchase process is painless, quick and efficient, and there's no amount too small or too large for us to handle! From $100 to $100,000 , pallets to container loads, canadamedia.ca is here to make you an immediate offer on your stock.  

Channel Restrictions

Channel and Market conflicts are no problem. At canadamedia.ca we understand how fragile channel relationships can be, and we will remarket and rebrand your product if need be. Your business is important to us; and we want to continue to have you offer us products month after month.

What is Excess or Closeout Inventory?

Excess: Excess Inventory can be defined as any inventory above the minimum manually-specified or system-calculated level required support the production and distribution operations. Excess inventory definitions may include any inventory above zero, above a defined safety stock level, or over a defined number of days of supply.

Going out of Business or Closing Out: Closeout can be defined as a disposition of all stock or goods on hand, or the liquidation of a business or sale of all goods that will no longer be available.

We are the experts, and we understand the market and what it takes to move incredible amounts of products.  Trust us to move your inventory and move it quickly.

Quickly Send Your Inventory Via:

E-mail: Simply email your list to us: sales@canadamedia.ca