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Antress Modern Plugins 64 Bit 'LINK'


"One of the cleanest, simplest and most successful plugins I've ever seen! the reduction is very good and at the same time very smooth, it doesn't lose the quality of the vocals, and it's even possible to change which frequencies you want it to reduce... I'll definitely use it very often"

The famous Urei 1176 compressor is probably the most emulated FET hardware unit of all time. However, there are many other gems, each with its unique quality and character, to be explored. In this list, we attempt to compile a variety of plugins with the most authentic sound.

I reccomend you buy yourself a digital subscription to Computer Music magazine. Their current issue gives you access to 90 Free plugins (some the free version with more presets or plugin features enabled). About an even split 50/50 Fx and Intruments. I subscribed via Pocketmags. 1e1e36bf2d


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