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Operation Manual Manitou Mlt 845 [BETTER]


Operation Manual Manitou Mlt 845 [BETTER]

On the basis of experience, there are a number of possiblesituations in which operating the lift truck is contra-indicated.Such foreseeable abnormaluses, the main ones being listed below,are strictly forbidden. - The foreseeable abnormal behaviourresulting from ordinary neglect, but does not result from any wishto put the machinery to any improper use. - The reflex reactions ofa person in the event of a malfunction, incident, fault, etc.during operation of the lift truck. - Behaviour resulting fromapplication of the principle of least action when performing atask. - For certain machines, the foreseeable behaviour of suchpersons as: apprentices, teenagers, handicapped persons, traineestempted to drive alift truck, operator tempted to operate a truckto win a bet, in competition or for their own personalexperience.The person in charge of the equipment must take thesecriteria into account when assessing whether or not a person willmakea suitable driver.

A - THE TRUCKS SUITABILITY FOR THE JOB- MANITOU has ensured thatthis lift truck is suitable for use under the standard operatingconditions defined in this operators manual, with a STATIC testcoefficient OF 1.33 and a DYNAMIC test coefficient OF 1, asspecified in harmonized norm EN 1459for variable range trucks.

For operation under average climatic conditions, i.e.: between -15 C and + 35 C, correct levels of lubricants in all the circuitsare checked in production.For operation under more severe climaticconditions, before starting up, it is necessary to drain all thecircuits, then ensure correct levels of lubricantsusing lubricantsproperly suited to the relevant ambient temperatures. It is thesame for the cooling liquid.

- Our trucks comply with Directive 89/336/EC concerningelectromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and with the correspondingharmonized norm EN 12895. Their proper operation is no longerguaranteed if they are used within areas in which theelectromagnetic fields exceed the limit specified by that norm (10V/m).

- Only the operations and manuvres described in these operatorsmanual must be performed. The manufacturer cannot predict allpossible risky situations. Consequently, the safety instructionsgiven in the operators manual and on the lift truck itself are notexhaustive.

A - OPERATORS MANUAL- Read the operators manual carefully.- Theoperators manual must always be in good condition and in the placeprovided for it on the lift truck.- You must report any plates andstickers which are no longer legible or which are damaged.

B - DRIVERS OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS- Whatever his experience, theoperator is advised to familiarize himself with the position andoperation of all the controls and instruments before operating thelift truck.

C - ENVIRONMENT- Comply with site safety regulations.- If youhave to use the lift truck in a dark area or at night, make sure itis equipped with working lights.- During handling operations, makesure that no one is in the way of the lift truck and its load.- Donot allow anybody to come near the working area of the lift truckor pass beneath an elevated load.- When using the lift truck on atransverse slope, before lifting the jib, follow the instructionsgiven in the paragraph: INSTRUCTIONS FOR HANDLING A LOAD: D -TRANSVERSE ATTITUDE OF THE LIFT TRUCK.

- Never try to start the lift truck by pushing or towing it.Such operation may cause severe damage to the transmission. Ifnecessary, to tow the lift truck in an emergency, the transmissionmust be placed in the neutral position (see: 3 - MAINTENANCE: G -OCCASIONAL MAINTENANCE).

- Observe the companys traffic regulations or, by default, thepublic highway code.- Do not carry out operations which exceed thecapacities of your lift truck or attachments.- Always drive thelift truck with the forks or attachment to the transport position,i.e. at 300 mm from the ground, the jib retracted and the carriagesloping backwards.

- Use the rear-view mirrors frequently.- Drive roun


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