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Capture the moments that matter most using the Onn Clip-On Telephoto Lens Set. This durable lenses set gives your smart phone or mobile device an immediate upgrade, turbocharging the camera so you can take professional quality photos and videos that will stand the test of time. This set includes a universal clip-on lenses holder, lens cap and 8x telephoto lenses to capture even more of the details that make the scene special and flex your creative muscles as you experiment with new styles of shots. The universal design works with both Apple and Android devices to give you quality pictures no matter what your preference is. The unit boasts an 8X construction so you can capture the small and subtle details that make the occasion or scene so special. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or are just looking to spruce up your Instagram feed, the Onn Clip-On Telephoto Lens will help you to level up your photo taking abilities.

Onn Cell Phone Clip-On 3-in-1 Telephoto Lens Set

SKU: 1826