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it is metal-free and non-conductive, which eliminates any risk of short circuit and adds more protection to the CPU and VGA card.


BETTER THAN LIQUID METAL: Thermal Conductivity:15.7W/m-k, it is composed of carbon particles and has extremely high thermal conductivity. It ensures that the heat generated by the CPU or GPU is effectively dissipated.


THERMAL COMPOUND: GD thermal paste Edition 2020 formula has excellent component heat dissipation performance and has the stability to push the system to the limit. EASY TO APPLY: GD thermal paste has ideal consistency and is very easy to use even for beginners. HIGH DURABILITY: In contrast to metal and silicon thermal conductive adhesives, GD thermal paste will not compromise over time.

After applying, you do not need to apply again because it will last at least 8 years.

GD900 Thermal Paste, 1 Gram CPU Paste for IC/Processor/CPU/All Coolers

SKU: 1929

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