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The Mizco TT-HF-MAR marine dust/water proof earbud is perfect for fisherman, boaters and outdoor recreation on or around the water. The coiled cord of this earbud is featured with silicon coated Kevlar to ensure added safety and durability. With flexible ear-hook for exceptional comfort, this earbud has sport fit shark fins that ensure secure fit even with sunglasses on. This earbud incorporates EQ/VOICE technology and Halo 360 deg super directional mic that ensures great fidelity for music and clarity for calls.
    Dust proof earbud offers immense resistance to water
    Connectivity: Wired
    IP67 rating provides complete water, sweat and dust protection
    Has sport fit shark fin
    Color: Black/orange
    Cord length: 41.7"
    Incorporates noise reduction ear tips
    Reinforced stress relief for ultimate convenience
    Features Halo 360 deg super directional microphone
    Allows you to control music/call easily and instantly
    EQ/voice technology offers great fidelity for music and clarity for calls
    Kevlar reinforced cord for added strength and durability
    Specification: EPA noise reduction rating, 26 decibels, IP67, dust proof, water proof

ToughTested Marine Waterproof Noise Control Earbuds with control unit

SKU: 1467

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