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P/N: NN8



  • 6 PWM ARGB Fans Pre-installed - Ensure your motherboard has a 5v3pin interface, you can use the motherboard software to control the fans. The PWM fan whose speed can be adjusted can achieve better quiet effect and cooling effect according to the demand.
  • Costly Tempered Glass Door - The case comes with an openable tempered glass door can be opened at any time, improving cooling by 76% over non-side-opening cases. And you can easily install PC components and place any hand puppet.
  • Large-space ATX case - Meets the installation needs of over 95% of customers. Up to 280mm liquid cooler can be installed. up to 5*SSD+1*HDD/4*SSD+2*HDD can be installed.
  • Intelligent I/O panel design - Equipped with a multifunctional I/O panel to provide great flexibility for a variety of mobile audio accessories. Includes 2 USB 3.0 ports for faster transfer speeds.

MUSETEX ATX Pre-install 6 PWM ARGB Fans, Polygonal Mesh Computer Gaming PC Case

SKU: 2130

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