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UPC: 843696099299
Age: 12+
    Joysticks Robotic Arm is a unique project with many surprises awaiting your little engineer to discover. Unlock the safety switch & press on the red power button to start! This  Omni-directional Robot Arm can interchangeable 2-claw and 4-claw grippers mode, so kids can grab a whole range of different objects. A young curious engineer can tell how the inner parts work together, for example, connecting rods to pilot planetary gear system or gear movements to active transmission. Through the hands-on assembly, children will not only acquire mechanical knowledge but also build up better problem-solving skills! 
    Open Chassis Design: The openwork chassis lets you in on all the secrets behind the operation. Kids have the chance to see how the inner mechanical parts of this robot arm work together. While other robot arm devices need one motor for each joint, Joysticks Robotic Arm applies intelligent mechanical design to inspire your kids thinking outside of the box. 
    Omni-directional Robot Arm: The innovative Joysticks Robotic Arm can be easily operated by two joysticks to control the 4 axes in 8 different directions at the same time! Operating your own claw machines and testing your own motor skill by picking up various objects!
    STEM Engineering Challenge: Joysticks Robotic Arm is a complex project but it is extremely rewarding. Your child can develop a deeper knowledge about mechanical and engineering compared to their peers while also having a creative pickup toy to play with for months!
        Weight: 600g
        Origin: Made in Taiwan
        Maximum Lift: about 50g
        Battery: 2 x D Batteries (not included)
        Recommended Age: 12+
        Package size (WxDxH): 398mm�105mm �290mm

CIC Joysticks Robotic Arm

SKU: 1419