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UPC: 742521182697
USB-C adapter inculded
Product function, application: 
This product is a portable HD high-definition video capture card, which can simultaneously capture HD audio and video signals and transmit them to computers and mobile phones for preview, editing, storage and other multi-function applications; the product is suitable for: high-definition capture, teaching recording, medical treatment Video, game live broadcast, video live broadcast, record camera HD video, etc. PS: When this product is connected to an active speaker through the audio port, if you unplug the USB port first, noise may occur, which is normal.
1. The product complies with USB video UVC specification and USB audio UAC specification;
2. Support operating systems such as Windows, Android, Linux and MacOS;
3. Support most acquisition software, such as VLC, OBS, Amcap, etc.;
4. Support HDMI local loop out;
5. Support microphone input, audio port supports headset integration;
6. Support microphone audio and HD audio overlay collection;
7. Input terminal: HD/F maximum input can support 4K, 8/10/12 bit color depth input format;
8. Output: USB/F supports up to 1080P; MJPEG output mode;
9. High-definition capture, strong compatibility, smooth picture without stutter no delay;
10. No need for external power supply, small size, ultra-thin and portable.

HDMI To USB3.0 Video Capture With Loop and Mic audio

SKU: 1928

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